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Taekwondo School reducing Sparring Classes in favor of Poomsae ?

This Taekwondo studio I previously trained at I ended up leaving cause I feel the Master is trying to slowly eradicate Kyorugi training by reducing it to only 45 mins once a week in a favor of poomsae which now constitutes 90% of the instruction. To me this isn’t right as I’ve trained Kyorugi all my life and enjoy sparring and getting in a hard cardio workout. The instructor he has teaching the Kyorugi class I just do not like how this guy teaches as he spends too much time going over basics and implements poomsae into the instruction when this is suppose to be a sparring class. And since it’s only a 45 min class, he uses up the last 10 mins of class time by having everybody stare at the mirror saying “oh just look how beautiful you all look in your uniform”. That made me really cringe as it Seems this guy spends his entire life just staring at a mirror.. so now I’m looking at other locations that train Kyorugi several times a week (Looking primarily in central/northern CA


Just to emphasize, this 45 min class went into effect long before this whole COVID thing started. And to the idiot who called me ignorant, I’ve competed both at the national and international level and have had my fair share of competing  against many other top elite athletes. I’m not a huge fan of poomsae as it has become more of a gymnastics/acrobatic sport, with focus on who has the most perfect vertical kick. My goal here is to train and get back into Kyorugi competition!

Update 2:

And the statement regarding that you can get a  cardio workout out of Poomsae, I strongly disagree with that as I’ve gotten far more greater cardio effect from Kyorugi training. Poomsae doesn’t do s*** for me and I personally see it as a complete waste of time...

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    FYI you do know that Tae Kwon Do is not a martial art it is martial sport.

    And another thing it is YOUR OPINION that poomsae does nothing.

    FYI again FORMS ARE A GREAT CARDIO. A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO RUNNING OR SPARRING. If you did the forms correctly, the way taught it can beat sparring for cardio.

    If you do forms and apply sanchin technique (iso tension karate form) or the correct breathing technique, well you just have to do it to understand

    EDIT: I like Steel's edit answer. It brings a point. That actually even boxers and kickboxers do forms or in a way. They shadow box and go over a set or routine of strikes and blocks. Basically a form or poomsae.

    So do not go thinking that only traditional martial artists are the only ones who use forms.

    Forms do have a reason and purpose. Not enough room or time here to discuss why

    "The instructor he has teaching the Kyorugi class I just do not like how this guy teaches as he spends too much time going over basics and implements poomsae into the instruction when this is suppose to be a sparring class."

    Before any explanation on why they do forms and the social distance etc.. I must ask this:



    FYI you do get some great cardio doing forms. You are just ignorant and lack knowledge.

    And in the politest terms using the word ignorant.

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    What has caused the shift? I'm thinking that it is a strong possibility that it is due to COVID-19 and the need for less physical contact in training environments. If this is the case, and you enjoy training here otherwise, I'd just wait it out if I were you. If there is a different cause for the shift in focus, by all means find a school that better suits you.

    Bear in mind, though, that the frame of the collective mind as of late is that forms practice is dated and useless, which is not the case whatsoever. That said, there should be a balance, as actual application of learned techniques is integral as well, but there are no shortcuts. Plus, in group classes, you'll find that they tend to be geared toward the lowest rank in most instances, hence the drawn out explanations. Do they have classes broken down between beginners, intermediate, and advanced?

    You're just looking for another place to spar and not necessarily train?

    "Look how beautiful you look in your uniform,"? Yeah, I got nothing for that one...

    EDIT: If you see poomsae training as useless, it doesn't matter where you practice to fight. Go into a biker bar and insult somebody - that'll get the ball rolling.

  • 2 months ago

    good idea, find another location to train

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