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Can aquarium plants survive without light?

i have an aquarium with some live plants next to my window. they get plenty of sun from the window but do they need like led lights to survive and grow bigger?

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  • ?
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    6 months ago

    One would guess that several hours of natural sunlight through a window would be better than aquarium lights.   

  • kswck2
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    6 months ago

    Noselessman's answer is correct, BUT you really don't want an aquarium next to sunlight. Over time, the glass will start to expand and contract due to the heat of the sun-and the aquarium will eventually POP-trust me, I had to replace ALL of my carpet and the neighbor below my apartments ceiling when my 40 gallon popped. 

  • 6 months ago

    It depends on the plant.  L E D lights are no match for the power of the sun.  But how much much sun is getting through that window?  is it blocked by tree branches or buildings?

    You can look for plants that thrive at the level of light that you have.  Also for the amount of fertilizer and cot you add to the tank. For instense, marimo moss balls  require very little light and no fertilizer or carbon.  But they also grow ver slow if at all.  Other low light no added carbon or fertilizer plants are, anacharis, java moss, hornwort, and more. 

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