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In England does most of the rain come from the west, as opposed to the North Sea?

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    It's the Coriolus effect.  Air sinks in the cold Arctic and rises in the warm tropics.  This causes a loop of air flowing over the surface of the northern hemisphere that would normally be north-to-south.  But because of the rotation of the earth it seems to curve towards the east, to come out of the west.

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    No, In England most of the rain comes from the sky.

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    The rain comes from the Anglo-Normand Islands and leaves due West, after touching the Isle of Man and John O'Groats.

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    Yes, in general UK weather systems (cyclones / anticyclones and fronts) come from the Atlantic on the West and move across the UK to Northern Europe on the East. Of course the actual winds of these systems get sucked in from all directions, so on the East coast of England you can get a system moving from West to East that locally has wind coming off the North sea, but still most of our rain comes from moisture picked up from the Atlantic. This is why Ireland and Wales (to the West of England) get so much rain - even more than England.

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