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Do you think I have cervical polyp ? Something sticking out of cervix opening !! :(?

Soo , I regularly check my cervix for fertility , at the beginning of my new period cycle until half way into my cycle I can’t feel anything on my cervix , there is nothing sticking out from the opening of my cervix , but after ovulation , or about a week before my next period , I can feel something sticking out from my cervix , like a little piece of something , I like move it left right with my finger , sometimes it bleeds if I touch it a lot ! My question is , is it a polyp ? And why does it only come out from my cervix after ovulation 3 weeks into my cycle but not there before that  , same every cycle, I can’t feel anything sticking out If my cervix opening  in the first 2 weeks in my cycle but soon after it appears again ,!  . 

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    I would ask your Gynecologist at your next visit.

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