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If a wedding is called off, do the former couple need to pay back expenses to the wedding party?

Say there has already been an engagement party, bridal showers, and all of the bridesmaids dresses and suits have been bought. The couple was also planning a destination wedding so there is also the expenses of a flight.

The couple have been together for years but called off the wedding due to Covid-19. They were supposed to get married in April, but the wedding was called off and the couple has broken up. Nothing major, just due to unrequited love on the bride's side. 

Personally, I've seen this coming many years ago but I never said anything as it was not my place. I just let people make their own and learn from their own mistakes. I've always listened to the bride's grief of how he never does xyz but that's been going on for years. I think everything just blew and the girl saw it as a safe and easy way out due to the pandemic.

But this question isn't necessarily about the drama, just crap I've had to listen to on and off for years, I guess.

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    lmao they broke up? uh yeah they need to PAY BACK EVERYONE. seriously that is ridiculous. the guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, paid for their bullsh*t wedding, that never happened, and they even broke up in the end. it'd be sh*tty to not pay people back.

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    A couple is obligated return gifts that were given to them as shower or wedding gifts. They have no obligation to repay members of the wedding party for their expenses, though they may do so.  When someone agrees to be in a wedding or host a shower or whatever, they do so freely and should not expect compensation for their efforts. 

    Member of the bridal party are also not obligated to listen to the complaints of the former bride or groom.  

  • Amelia
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    If I'm understanding the question correctly, you wouldn't have minded spending the money for a wedding that should never have happened in the first place. But since they got wise enough to call things off before the actual wedding day, now that same money that you would have lost anyway bothers you? I would let it go if I were in your shoes.

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    What they ought to do and what is done are two different things.

    I've worked in bridal salons, so I know there are no returns on special occasion dresses. If there was, everyone would hem their dresses with Scotch tape and bring them back Monday morning after the event. (Yes, people try to get refunds for used and altered dresses.) Rentals for tuxes can sometimes be canceled, if it's not too close to the wedding, less the deposit.

    The proper thing to do is to call off the wedding before people go to a lot of expense preparing for it. It would have been classy to repay the attendants for what they spent, but sometimes things like this happen.

    If I understand your post, the problem wasn't *actually*Covid, but basic incompatibility. 

    And Lindsay, it's 'unrequited' not 'unfrequented' (which isn't a word.)

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    Er, no. (It would perhaps be a nice gesture, but not something required; and I imagine with a cancelled wedding they've incurred quite a few costs anyway)

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    If they had stayed together you would use the dress and shoes and airline tickets on a different day so no loss but since they broke up no go and then you lost me when you said you knew it...the breakup...was coming and that means you shouldn't have agreed to stand up for her in the first place so the loss is your own fault.  No I don't think you should get reimbursed as for the rest of the wedding party I think it's unfortunate but it's their loss also.

  • Their dresses and suits / tuxes, should be refunded through the company that the bridal party bought / rented from. If the bride bought them then she should be refunded. The host of the bridal shower should be re reimbursed for any expenses that they have booked, and can't cancel or get refunded for. The bride should also return her engagement ring. 

    Unfrequented love means that the person receiving it, doesn't understand or reciprocate their partners love. If that's the case, then I think they shouldn't be together if they can't love each other. 

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    The couple should return any gifts received from anyone (not just the wedding party).  They should reimburse wedding party for any clothes purchases. I don't think they're responsible for travel reimbursements.  People can still go to the destination, get airline credits, etc.  It's something they decide on their own.

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    Yes to the cost of required costumes, no to covering expenses for things that friends/family volunteered to do. 

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    i was going to fly to my house in the south of france in april, but since there was total lockdown everywhere and all flights were cancelled airline returned me my money. so what do u have to lament? and i m sure they will get a wedding later

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