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Do pit bulls make good guard dogs?

So I found an pit bull puppy and I am planning on buying it.....But before I commit to buying this puppy....I need to know if when it grows up it can maul people on command ...

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    Flipping Filepe on his Pit Bull mission again.  

    One person mauled and your dog is dead and you're in prison....  so all that money and time spent would be wasted.

    GROW UP !

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    if you train ANY dog to maul, it would probably be more likely to attack the wrong people. Pits make great guard dogs, as do German shepards, but I would just be very very careful. 

  • jean
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    2 months ago

    pitt bulls have been known to turn on their owners

  • 2 months ago

    Pitbull have the potential to be guard and personal protection dogs. But you must understand when you choose to purchase a dog for the purpose of teaching them bite work. You take on a massive reasonability and liability. When you teach your dog to attack on command. Essential you are telling the dog it is okay to attack any human that is  perceived as a threat. This can be problematic because dogs don't make logical decisions like human. Without proper guidance they won't be able to tell the postman from a burglar. Or cousin hugging you, from a rapist. This is why you need first go to the right trainer and breeder. That specialize in training and breeding protection dogs. If you are seeking a dog solely for protection and not as an additional member of your family, your making a big mistake. Just because a dog is a protection dog doesn't mean they don't need exercise, socialization, attention, and affection. Pitbull also have a negative reputation do irresponsible dog owners who misused these dog for similar purposes as yourself. This is why they are banned in many cities across the world. Most apartments don't allow them. Where you live might determine if your even allowed to have a Pitbull. 

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     Cowardly little yahoo trolls such as yourself shouldn't be allowed to own dogs.  And in answer  you are not old enough to own a dog yet very obviously because a pit bull would easily out think you and that is blatantly obvious 

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    No, they do not make good guard dog.  Guard dog training is rather expensive.  So I don't think you mean 'guard dog'.  What you need is a dog that will alert you to possible intruders & let you handle the problem.  If you trained this dog to attack & maul, it would be taken away from you & euthanized if it bit anyone.  You do not want a dog that will bite.  Cause even the intruder he bit could sue you for everything you got. Plus, the dog will be euthanized.

    You don't want what you think you want.  The liability of having a dog that bits is far greater than you think.  Little dogs are the best alert dogs, those little ears hear everything.

    I got a sweet little Boxer cross that runs the front fence line like a junk yard dog.  She makes believers out of any one who passes this house.  Little do they know she would run away if confronted. lol  She does fantastic at the fence.  It is a territorial behavior.  She always looks for me at the door or a window to tell her she did good.  She shows pride in her work.  She's a good dog.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You've been "planning" on buying a pitbull for a year now. Aren't you tired of trolling the same bullshit over and over? GET THE DOG AND SHUT UP ABOUT IT, OR JUST SHUT THE HELL UP IN GENERAL, YOU LOSER.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You really do need to see a mental health professional before you harm yourself or some innocent person.

    Fifty questions about pit bulls are boring.

    I realize you've said you're autistic, but that is no excuse for your questions about harming people.

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    Pit bulls were bred to be dog aggressive, not human aggressive.   They actually make terrible guard dogs.

    And a good guard dog will also release and back off when commanded by their handler.   Pit bulls are TOO STUBBORN to do that...  They should NEVER be trained to attack on command, because you have to practically kill the dog to get them to release.

    No dog is going to be an adequate guard dog unless it comes from working bloodlines and is TRAINED to do that...   Such a dog will set you back AT LEAST 10 grand.

  • .
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    2 months ago

    Any intelligent breed of dog may be taught to attack on command. Few lay persons have any business with a dog trained to attack, and are putting the life of their dog at risk as well as themselves at risk (for a lawsuit). 

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