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Is Montreal more like a Jewish Atlanta than a French NYC?

Montreal is NOTHING like New York or Paris, and the only thing remotely French about MTL is its name. Both New York and Paris are white dominated world-class cities.

Montreal is just an oversized second-rate town (don't get me started on all the squalor there). It's dominated by blacks (even has a black mayor). I'd say the demographics are: 60 percent black, 20 percent Jewish and 20 percent Anglo/Alt-left Quebecois. The only other races are either tourists or McGill/Concordia students. I'd say Montreal is a blend of Atlanta and Jerusalem.

No wonder the ROC (mostly WASP with the odd Chinese/Indian) and France (all white) detest Quebec (and the rest of "la belle province" isn't much better than Montreal).

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    Oh? Try talking Yiddish there, rather than French and see how far you get.

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