Why does the Wacom one hdmi port have an entirely different wiring scheme than other hdmi port wires?

I am by no means an electrical genius, but I do have enough basic supplies to perform basic electronic fixes, so I figured it would be more worthwhile to just fix my broken wacom one hdmi port wire than to wait weeks for a replacement to arrive in the mail... because I am impatient to be honest, and the tablet is my livelihood.

I was planning to intercede the cut wacom one hdmi port with another, functional hdmi port, which has a fully functional port end, but I have run into a problem.

The wacom one hdmi wires seem to be... just entirely different than every other hdmi wiring system I've encountered.  It has 16 wires for one, which I am making an assumption because the monitor has zero sound capabilities?  But it also uses different coloring schemes for the four foiled bundled wires - (blue/white) (green/white) (red/white) (brown/white) with additional red, pink, white, and grey wire in the middle.

I will provide a picture of both hdmi wiring, could someone provide some insight if possible?  Thank you so much in advance!

I apologize I tried to make the pictures as clear as possible... and it only allowed me one unfortunately. Which is the wacom

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  • 3 months ago

    Well, I got my own answer this afternoon when Wacon One was open and available to receive calls.  If anyone is curious, the wacom one triple x cord, hdmi port element is not only an hdmi port.  At least this is the information I was provided.

    I was informed it is runs into the power system of the device, as well as some other tidbits I probably would not be able to repeat properly, so it is not as simple as just swapping the hdmi port off with another hdmi port.

    Sad to hear, but great to know, so that I don't entirely destroy the pen tablet and / laptop and / or cause a fire.

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