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If you were 10 years out of high school while working as a club restroom attendant, and an old classmate walked in, would you be embarrassed?

They say you shouldn’t care what people think about you.  But, deep down inside, would we all make an exception if a classmate from high school came to your job where you were stationed in a public restroom providing liquid soap/hand wipes to customers?  Being caught there at the age of 22 is not so bad, even though that’s the typical age of a college graduate, because people in their early 20s are still babies and therefore are not necessarily mature enough to have babies themselves.  At that age, associates degree or not, they’re still finding themselves.  However, 28 is basically the cut-off age, i.e. ten years out of high school.  Would anybody in their late 20s actually take pride in being a public restroom attendant at a club/restaurant, even if a classmate walked in? 

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    2 months ago

    It is what it is. Life is a struggle. 

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