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How long does it take for an international package to be delivered?

I have a pair of sandals that I believe are shipping from China though I also heard that China slowed shipping stuff a ton due to COVID 19. Is shipping still delayed and is there any new news as I ordered my item many weeks ago but still haven’t received it despite the status apparently says “shipped”.

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    Need a little more detail. Shipped means it has left the shipper that is all.

    Three to five weeks is NORMAL for a mailed parcel. As Air traffic is down not as many planes to carry the mail.

    Most of shipping time is your item WAITING to get on a plane (possibly a cargo ship but rare) and then WAITING for a Customs inspection. Just the way it is.

    If you have a parcel tracking number try using it on both your countries postal tracker and China's

    NO COMPANY tracks their parcel of shoes to your door just to the Post Office.

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    There's no fixed amount of time. Customs can take as long as they want/need to clear a package. Most things go through in a couple of days; however, I've known a few things to take as long as 8 weeks. Delays can occur if the customs paperwork is filled out incomplete, incorrectly or is missing altogether. There can also be a delay if there is a question of whether duty (tax) is owed or even if the item is legal. These days are deliveries, even domestic, can be delayed.

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    International? Could be 3-4 days. China or anywhere in Asia OR Europe, a week at least. Likely a month. Possibly never.

    I ordered a computer connector wire from China, they said "delivery in 28 days" it arrived in 25. Total price $1.38, shipped free. It actually worked in its application.

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    Allow 6 to 10 weeks.

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    REGULAR shipping comes by boat, AIR FREIGHT is a lot faster.

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