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Can you bring a formula card to the CLEP Exam?

Hello!  For CLEP exams (specifically, Precalculus) are you allowed to bring your own formula sheet or formula card?  What are the size limitations? (4x6, 2x3, a whole 8x11 sheet, a whole notebook)  If you're not allowed to bring one, are all required formulas provided on the test itself?

I know the obvious answer would be to look up these questions on the College Board website, but the website doesn't mention formula cards.  Upon contacting them with this question, they simply said it's up to each testing center to decide what students are allowed to use, but I can't imagine this is the case because then the ease of the test would rely entirely on where a student takes it.

Upon contacting my preferred testing center multiple times, I received multiple conflicting and uncertain responses; no one seems to be sure about the answer to this particular issue.  This Precalculus exam requires knowledge of well over 40 formulas, and it does not seem feasible or practical to memorize them all for a 90-minute test.

Please, do you know what the clear answer is?  I don't want to arrive to the test unprepared or misinformed.

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