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What is the most common age that male and female ballet dancers retire?

Given that they don't get injured 

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    Most retire around age 30 if not injured. Stars in the ballet tend to be able to dance longer and sometimes dance into their 40s. Not all professional dancers go into teaching as another answer implied. Truth is very few do. Some go on to contemporary dance companies. Others go dance on Broadway. Some AD a professional ballet company.  Not everyone wants to teach or can teach. Many go into entirely different professions. I know some who are now doctors, lawyers and chefs. 

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    They retire from full time dancing but become dance teachers and reality show scorers like Darcey (retired at 38) (Darcey Andrea Bussell née Marnie Mercedes Darcey Pemberton Crittle).

    Aged 38 in the picture below:-

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    Six point two.

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