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Montreal/Quebecistan in a nutshell?

-All the money belongs to the government

-Dominated by ugly rubber-lipped black n*ggers and Kikes.-Far less hot women than any other Canadian/American city; every young woman has piercings and tattoos over her whole body, hobbies include getting wasted and taking n*gger dick up the *** (give me a sexy American or Toronto woman any day!).-The F*ggot Village is just the homeless stabby village. Stabbings every night-Quebecois obsessed with their dying language that no one likes>Quebecistan hit worse by Chinese Kung Flu than most American states or European countires. Quebec is 20% of Canadas population but 50% of the covid cases and 60% of the deaths. Right wing fatties refuse to wear masks or wash hands>Every good restaurant is just food from some other country

Quebec needs to be purged.

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    Reported. Reported

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