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Do you think she is ready to be bred?

She looks like a kitten but she is already 5 months old. Thoughts?


She is not a kitten. She is already 5 months old. She hasnt been in heat yet but soon she will be 

Update 2:

Why cant breeders support aspiring breeders like me? There is no need to be so condescending. This is my first time to breed a cat and this can help me with my finances during the pandemic.

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    Cats have times they bleed when they can be breed. 

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    Now I have nothing against Breeding Cats in general but I can’t stand that there are so many homeless cats.

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    Breeding her would be totally wrong! Bordering on evil-both for her sake, and for the sake of the thousands of kittens in shelters, waiting for homes...or to be euthanized. THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA! Are you sure you don't want a stuffed animal rather than a live one. This lack of moral infuriates me! Your cat is your family, not a money-maker.


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    Agreed with those who oppose, Chad Hatten Killeen Texas

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    NO. Cats under a year are still kittens. Mixed breed cats should never be bred, there are millions put to sleep in shelters every year. Purebred cats should only be bred if both parents are registered and sold by their breeders as breeder or show quality. Many cats have registration papers, but are pet quality. A breeder who shows cats can help judge whether a purebred is breeder quality.

    You asked "Why cant breeders support aspiring breeders like me?" The answer is simple. You have no idea what you are doing, and haven't bothered to learn. I am not being condescending. You are asking a stupid question if you can breed a 5 month old kitten, which shows you haven't bothered to read and study about cats or breeding. If you had, you would know a cat under a year is not old enough to breed.

    You also haven't studied or learned anything about how even purebred cats shouldn't be bred unless they are good examples of the breed standards, and have been checked by a knowledgeable vet for deformity or health problems, and the parents were also checked.

    You say this would help you make money. That is never a good reason to breed cats. If your cat was pregnant and had problems and needed a c-section, it would cost around 3 thousand dollars. The cost of owning a cat adds up over the years, not to mention they stop being breeding stock by 4-5 years and then you are paying their expenses. A male stud needs several females to keep him content. He will also spray and smell up his area. No reputable breeder would let you use a stud service if your cat is not breeder quality.

    Then there are diseases. If your cat has a disease, it could spread to other cats you own,and shut down your whole cattery. Kittens you breed would need a vet check and beginning shots and wormers, plus food while raising them. If a mother can't care for them, the cost of kitten milk replacer is expensive, and you need a lot of knowledge on how to feed the kittens, and it requires round the clock care.

    You didn't say anything about whether this kitten is a mixed breed or purebred. Hard to tell from the pic. You didn't say anything about paperwork, whether it was sold as pet quality, breeder, or show quality. IF it was a breeder or show quality kitten, then the breeder would be able to advise and work with you on becoming a breeder. If it is a backyard breeder selling kittens and saying sure any kitten could be bred, then that person is NOT a good breeder, and you should contact someone who shows that breed and send them lots of pictures and have them evaluate the kitten and then advise you. Any really good breeder also shows their cats. It increases the value of kittens, and shows that the breeder is trying to improve and support the breed by producing kittens that meet the standards.

    You are not ready to be a breeder. Your question showed you don't even know basic common sense info about cats, much less about breeds, standards, or even basic care. Read books about being a cat breeder. Go to cat shows and talk to breeders. Join an online group of breeders and read and ask questions.

    If you need to make money, try selling stuff on ebay. People do well on there when they discover products they have access to that others want. I know one woman who goes to a local Amish community and buys all kinds of handmade and craft stuffs from their farmer's markets, and resells it on ebay. She also goes to estate auctions, and buys things like record albums or jewelry, and resells those. She finds unique items, like knicknacks, and souvenirs from tourist places that are popular. That is a lot easier than trying to be a cat breeder.

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    Get a different hobby! There are enough homeless cats and dogs out there already. They say Ebay and Craigslist are great places to make a few bucks. Try them. 

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    6 months ago

    If you have to ask a question like this, then you are not a suitable and responsible breeder. She is still a kitten at this age.

     A cat is still considered a kitten under a year old. She is still growing and developing mentally and physically, young cats that have a litter run the risk of rejecting the kittens, to young and to much for a young cat to handle, it happens more than people know of, very sad.

    Source(s): Owned,bred and showed Balinese Cats and Kittens for years.
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    6 months ago

    cats bred under one year old can have problems. Don't breed till she is one year old

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    She should NEVER be bred.  There's no shortage of cats and kittens in shelters and rescues..  And theres absolutly NOTHING special about her that would give her offspring any value

    Kittens are worth $0.  People give them away for free all the time.   Shelters are overloaded with them because theres more kittens than homes that want kittens.   A litter would COST you money, as it would mean needing to buy extra food and litter... 

    A young cat would likely abandon her kittens, which means youd be spending even more on bottles and KMR to feed them.

    It would be cheaper to spay her than to raise a litter.

    This cat also is NOT a persian, as you implied in your other question.   She is a common no-breed cat.

  • Rick B
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    6 months ago

    My thought is that there are enough unwanted cats in shelters.  Get your cat fixed!

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