MP3 songs on the iPod..?

I have a sound bar or speaker bar mounted on the wall. RCA type. I had the radio connected to one input and the iPod dock connected to the other input. 

When listing to the radio the music sounds great coming from the sound bar. 

When I listing to the MP3 on my iPod the songs sound dual coming through the sound bar. The mp3 sounds like listing to a tap how dual it sound.

So, can i get the MP3s on the iPod sound like how music on the radio sounds coming from the sound bar with rich and crisp sound. What is the best Bit rate on a MP3 to make a great sound.


when listing to music on the radio and how clean and smooth it sounds, what would the bit rate on the songs that makes the music sound so clear on the FM radio.

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  • 6 months ago
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    You need to create MP3s at 320Kbit for "near CD" quality.

    That must be done from the original uncompressed CD audio / .WAV /.FLAC files.

    Any lower bit rate will be reduced quality & anything below 192K will start to sound pretty bad...

    It should also be done using a high quality MP3 encoder such as LAME; many included with programs do not work particularly well.

    Note that changing the bit rate of a file that has already been created using lossy compression such as MP3 or AAC can only ever reduce the quality even more.

    They must be created from original full-quality files.

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