Would this monitor work?

hello all! I am not a big gamer online but i do enjoy The Sims 4 and Minecraft. Currently I play on my all in one desktop ( Samsung - 24" Touch-Screen All-In-One - Intel Core i5 - 12GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive) But Ive noticed its gameplay and graphics are not as nice as before. And all in one desktops dont have options for exchanging/adding graphic card and memory.

I was looking into buying a gaming computer, would anyone know if my monitor would work for a gaming cpu? The back of my all in one desktop has an hdmi port IN. I did try to mirror and extend my laptop screen to it and it worked! I just want to ask for opinions or suggestions. I dont wanna buy the computer if its not going to work. 

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  • Adrian
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    6 months ago
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    If the HDMI "in" port works to display video from an external source, then you can use that all-in-1 as a monitor.

    If may not be the best/fastest monitor, but it should work ok. All-in-1 machines are usually lower end, including the monitor they are built into. That said, if it runs well enough for your purposes, you are in luck and can save the cose of an additional monitor for the desktop. Of course, you can only display one machine at a time on that screen, either the all-in-one, or the external desktop.

  • Sandy
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    you just need a better vid card. that and RAM have to be off the charts for good gaming. your RAM is excellent but I bet your vid card is only a 4 GB. it needs to be a 12 too. sorry you can't swap it out.

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