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which types of businesses are going to be not around much anymore in about 5-8 months from now? why?

how is going to affect everyone and everything? or not?


Covid19 is spreading still or is it starting to plateau? how varies?

Update 2:

to "Mad Max"....will illegal , undocumented workers be affected? what about the ones that own businesses in the USA?

Update 3:

why don't they get a gov. loan that has been offered?

Update 4:

will illegal , undocumented workers be affected by the economic downturn in the USA? if so, how and will they go home or not? why

all these hispanics that see out on construction sites and mowing lawns, etc. are they going to have to go home or will  they actually probably increase ? since even more incentive for these rich people to save money?

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    Mom and Pop Small own businesses will not survive.Ghetto thugs and Antifa and BLM have destroyed much of their own communities. They don't have the working Captial to cover overhead expenses and meet payroll! The large corporations and monopolies will survive why, because they always get government bailout outs and then jack up the prices! I don't want to hear shyt from a another black person saying we need money to build our communities when you fuccen burnt them down to the ground. 

    Edit: Everybody will be affected!

    The Key to all this is getting the Economy back open why are Dems Hell bent against it!

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    The types who are quiet about their problems and pretend like everything is fine, like they got it under control so they can avoid public embarrassment.

    These are the types who also organize their own funeral beautifully. 

    Mom and Pop shops won't survive IF they keep thinking they know what they are doing. 

    Also stand alone businesses often impacted the most.

    If your house is burning or ship is sinking, everyone dials 911.

    Yet, when small business keeps having the same issues over and over - Mom and Pop know what they are doing.

  • 4 months ago

    Any type of Online Business 

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    4 months ago

    Most, since the Government Fiats do not allow for a business to allow their minimum customer base to enter, remain, browse without undue restrictions.

    Lesser staff is required. Unemployed labour cannot spend money they don't have.

    Democrats are interested in control. Democrats want to end the thousands of small business, because they need reduce the number of business. Donations from a few controllable Huge Business, is preferable to dealing with thousands of minor donations.

    The laws  giving minority business preferential bidding, is too hard to squeeze for bribes, so they must go.

    OBEY! COMPLY! and you can exist without too much government interference.

    As my states legislators (federal) "Don't get involved, you are a nobody and have no business in politics. We will take care of it, in time"

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