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How much does a regular bicycle cost?

Any range would help. I mean anything. Is it $5 or $500000 I don't know. Give me a range.


"if only you had access to the internet" are you really that slow? I'm using the internet now, to find the price. And you're hounding me saying I should use the internet to find the price. Idiot

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    Youths, elementary school age = $100

    Department store bikes are not quality. But range upwards to $200 for all styles of bikes. (Dont expect it to last over 3 years. Better off buying new instead of replacing major parts.)

    $400+ will last up to 5 years

    BMX = $300+ for professional quality Mountain $500 = quality and durability start at $750

    Road $600 = quality starting $1000 


    Quantity frames:

    Aluminum = $450

    Chromoly = $1000+

    Carbon fiber = $1500+


    High end professional bikes are $20,000+ mainly just for a lighter bike. 

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    1 month ago

    You can go home with a unit from Walmart or Target as an adult with $200 in your pocket. However, you definitely get what you pay for most of the time. A decent middle of the road bike of any format (mountain, city, road, comfort...) between $500-$1000. For $1000-$10,000 you get stock bikes that may be great machines but it might be like mowing the lawn with a Ferrari. I see that often, a $7000 bike that weighs 4oz with 15lbs of extra stuff on it and the guy isn't even pedaling. After that the sky is the limit as far as customs go. My cousin road professionally in the 90s. Her bike cost $22,000, as was one repeated topic of conversation at every holiday dinner.

    Used can be an option but there's so many things to consider like if they even make tiers and tubes that size anymore, that if you don't have a total bike nerd to come shopping with you, it's really a 50/50 gamble. Not to mention sizing. You might just have to settle for one a few inches too tall or short. But that can be had for 30-90% off $200-$10,000.

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    2 months ago

    A good bike can be found in the trash for free. That's how I got my grocery getter. Something "special" can cost a lot more.

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    If only you had access to the internet you could so easily find this out for yourself. You could even work out what you mean by "regular bicycle". I only you had internet access. The cheapest useable bike I've ever had cost about £15, the most expensive around £1,400.

    Your update - ""if only you had access to the internet" are you really that slow? I'm using the internet now, to find the price. And you're hounding me saying I should use the internet to find the price. Idiot". You really haven't got the hang of basic sarcasm.

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  • 2 months ago

    Einstein offered a $5,000 reward for his invisible bike when someone stole it.  It never was found.  

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    You can find bicycles as cheap as $10 US at yard sales or custom made frames with high grade components costing as much as $10,000+ US.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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    There is no such thing as a 'regular bicycle'.  They can be classified as beach cruisers, hybrids, mountain bikes and road bikes.  MTB's can be broken down into specific tasks, like downhill bikes, recreational MTB's, Enduro and Trail.  Same thing with road bikes.  There's competition road bikes, CX (cyclocross), gravel bikes, touring bikes, fitness bikes & so on. 

    Cheap bikes from a discount store start around $100.  Quality bikes from an actual bicycle shop start around $500 & go into the thousands.  $10,000 and more.  Maybe you don't know how to use Google.  Here's a link to just one bicycle company.   

  • Cheapos 100 bucks good quality bikes few hundred. Best bikes is in the thousands. I sold a Look 695 SR Carbon Bike Frame the other day I got $500 for it.

  • 2 months ago

    A hundred bucks at Wally world. 

    @rick- you still have a k-mart?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    nothing fancy, less then $100 at K Mart .................

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