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How likely or unlikely is it for 55-year-olds to run 3 miles on asphalt every other day?

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    Plenty of 55-year-olds do it, though for their joints sake, I'd recommend that they go to a local high school or university track instead because the track isn't just asphalt but is especially made of polymers and that absorb much of the impact shock of running that can wear on bones and cartilage, which is why its recommended to runners of all ages. Also, tracks are coated with a material that is especially non-slip and is colored a reddish color that is far easier to see than black, thus making it much safer as you are less likely to step into or on something you don't see.

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    I know plenty of runners that age or older, who run several times a week (some even every day). I'm 55 and typically run 3x a week, with 3 miles usually being my shortest distance (If I'm not going to go at least that far, it doesn't seem worth getting dressed and going out and getting sweaty).

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    That's reasonable.  A lot of 55-year-old people and older do more than that.

    I recommend those who are not runners don't just jump into it.  Start with Tim Noakes, M.D., D.Sc., beginning running program. It starts gently, walking 20 minutes every other day, and gradually makes a transition from walking to running. 

    There's a copy near the bottom of the page I referenced. 

    And use some good quality shoes, suited to your biomechanics, and properly fit.

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    I'd do maybe 4 or 5 miles up until I was 54 ...............................

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