If not for the improvements to New York City Trump made in the 1980s would there be an NYC today?

Thinking about this you all know there was almost no New York City.... 

then 33 year old  Trump renovated the Grand Hyatt and saved New York and Mayor DeBlasio loved him , Mario Cuomo loves him , politicians every day begged Trump for help and donations 

But now that New York isn’t solidly voting for Trump? They forgot what he did for the city, but that’s ok.   New York is lucky he did what he did when he did.


Donald Trump is like G-d in a certain way but of course he is not G-d.  G-d had a Covenant with the people of the book and they broke his covenant and Then Jesus came to spread the word of the gospel to all who believeth in him John 3:16 New Testament.

Similarly, Donald Trump had a covenant with the people of New York City. But DeBlasio had sinned and the NYC people turned far left radical and so Trump set a New Testament called #MAGA and converted many non-NYC non-Trump Into believers

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    In 1999 Trump inherited a 423 apartment complex less than fifty yards from where I live, selling it in 2009.  Upkeep improved under the corporation that bought it.  Trump was sued for his refusal to rent to some ethnic groups.  His involvement with the Grand Hyatt was a failure, involving one of his six bankruptcies.  I can't answer for DeBlazio, but Cuomo regards him as an enemy of the state, and the New York State Attorney General is investigating Trump, some of his companies, and his son Eric for a variety of alleged felonies.  If he is to be compared to any supernatural being, it would be Beelzebub or Moloch.

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    Dude-man, NY was sceery back in the 1981's.  It was all criminals and they Presidend got captured there and they had to send Snake Plisskin in to save him!!!  It is amazing Trump was able to improve the city so much in just a few years.

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    I think you need to go back to your History lessons or alternatively go to New York and ask an expert to show you round all the landmarks that have been there for hundreds of years.  Even Trump isn't that old.

    FYI God's only exist in your imagination, they do not exist in the real world, any more than a tooth fairy exists.  Trump has done a lot of damage to the reputation of the US and world wide many people believe that the average American are incredibly old fashioned and incapable of evolving.

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    The only 'improvement' Fat Donnie made to NYC was to leave.

    Him being arrested, and imprisoned for his many crimes would Make America Great Again.

    Make The GOP Extinct 2020

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  • 2 months ago

    DeBlasio wasn't mayor then.

    Trump didn't save the city.

    It would have been fine, and perhaps better, without him.

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    Trump wanted to turn his west side property,  (that he inherited from his father)  into the tallest building in the world , (at that time). 

    The project was denied because an environmental study  found that the completed  monstrosity,  would cast a PERMANENT shadow across a large swath of Central Park. ....that section never seeing daylight again. 

    Trump has turned his back on NYC.......and now claims his main residence is Florida.....

    that was done to avoid paying  NEW YORK state and city  Taxes.

    but has he given up his gilded penthouse?   of course not.........so he still lives there,  still maintains the property.........but naturally, doesn't want to pay taxes to New York City. 

    He was sued by countless contractors,  that he refused to pay, or demanded  steep discounts,   *after* the work was done..........and then when they tried to get payment out them , he told them to sue him in court...and that he wasn't paying. 

    Then he brags about being a BILLIONAIRE..........but routinely  STIFFED the people who did  great work for him. 

    One contractor in Florida did massive renovations for him at Mar-a-largo.....

    and when he sought payment.........Trump turned around  and claimed the work was shoddy and sub par......and refused to pay.......... and ran the guy out of business..........because he needed the payment to pay off all the sub-contractors he used for the job. ...and couldn't afford to hire a lawyer to fight for years in court.  And since he laid out all the money originally,  expecting to be paid in full.........he was WIPED OUT. 

    and Trump, didn't give a flying F*ck, and then held charity events for VIP's   at this place with all the "shoddy work".........that was of coursre,  all top notch and nothing wrong with it. 

    There have been endless books already outlining all of this.   Did you happen to miss like ALL 50 books? 

  • Nonsense; he was a real estate hustler and people in New York saw him for that (I dated a woman who works in banking (and calls New York home) and everyone in her company collectively wouldn't loan Trump a dollar because he doesn't repay his loans; another dirty secret the MAGA-chuds in America refuse to believe).  He's famous for not paying his vendors or suppliers with his bold strategy of "f*** you, sue me".  DeBlasio was born in 1961 so I'm sure that his opinion in 1979 as an 18-year old (when Trump would have been 33) seems irrelevant.  He's never donated money of any substance in his life, but he has a long history of going to charity functions, not donating money, and getting a photo op.  The state of New York shut down Trump's charity because it violated a whole host of laws; notably they weren't donating the money.

    His casino portfolio saw revenue declines of 95% over a ten-year stretch when the industry was up over 90% over the same period.  Being that incompetent is hard to do, but then again Eric Trump famously said that they didn't want their 'elite Vegas clientele' to hear casino machines (which is literally money being made).  Somehow Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelson and other owners don't mind, but let's listen to a guy who works for a portfolio of hotels that are bleeding money (never mind that he doesn't understand what CPOR means, which anyone in the industry could identify in a heartbeat).The Pritzker family (who own Hyatt) had the money for the renovation, but Trump (being Trump) tried to bigfoot them and it all went **** up because he wasn't losing enough money buying apartment buildings.  The Pritzkers could buy and sell Trump multiple times over.We do know that in the 70's Trump and his KKK-member dad refused to rent apartments to blacks, so there's that.  What is factual is that development in New York really started in Times Square in the 80's with Marriott taking a huge gamble on renovation, which led to other companies following suit (the Marriott family could also buy and sell Trump out multiple times over).  Where Trump did bet big was on Atlantic City, where he went bust and thousands of people lost their jobs; one of his hotels is a vacant shell and the other and been bought and sold and is likely facing demolition.  He also bought an hotel/condo project in Toronto that (shockingly) managed to sit empty during one of the largest real estate boom markets (this was when he was just a racist a**hole on reality TV); the building no longer has his name.He also single-handedly destroyed the USFL due to his moronic idea to sue the NFL.  Again- thousands of people lost their jobs.

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    Nobody is THAT stupid.

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