Whats the best way to hang a HEAVY china cabinet hutch on the wall?

We are going to take this china cabinet hutch and hang it on the wall to be our new liquor cabinet. 

The hutch itself is heavy and its going to have a lot of glass and liquid inside it. 

And well be going in and out of it a lot so it needs to be very sturdy

The wall its going on is drywall with wood paneling over top. 

Whats the best way to hang this? 

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    2 months ago
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    I would bolt a large steel 'L' angle (eg 6 x 6 inches or bigger) to the wall studs to sit it on, with a stout board to create a shelf, the area of the base, to fully support it. (It looks like it needs something visually as a base anyway, and I assume the underside is unfinished.)  Put the upper part of the 'L' behind the cabinet.  And similar cleats bolted on the top to restrain it. That way you are not placing any reliance on the framework of the cabinet but are in effect perching it on its own bit of floor/ledge. Many 'cottage' corner cupboards manage to cling on to walls without disaster.

  • Boy
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    2 months ago

    you will have to find the studs in the wall, it is best to buy a good stud finder, and then mark the areas of the wall where there are studs. 

    Two people will have to hold up the cabinet to the wall, while its held up you can take a drill and drill screws into the wall inside of the cabinet, being guided by the marked areas underneath the cabinet.  Drill one screw and then make sure its level and another screw and proceed to drill more screws into the wall inside the cabinet. 

    You might want to drill holes in the cabinet before drilling in the screws to avoid busting the wood.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Honestly, that cabinet was constructed to have a base bear its weight and that of its contents. The cabinet itself was not designed to be fastened to a wall or constructed to have all the weight of its contents on the shelving, supported by the back panel. The back of your hutch is not strong enough to bear  the weight of bottles of alcohol, wine glasses, cocktail shakers, martini glasses, shot glasses and beer mugs. The base was the support system, much like lolly columns in your basement that support the walls upstairs.

    My sister bought a house that has almost the exact same glass hutch top in her walk out basement bar. It was installed over a framed and sheet rocked base.

    You can brace, glue, screw nail and bracket the back to the wall, but the way the back was attached to the cabinet frame was not meant to hold not only it's weight, but the weight of the contents. Unless it is supported from the bottom, you at going to hear a very large noise one day and find the back still attached to the wall, with the cabinet in a broken glass mess with puddles of alcohol everywhere. So, please do store one bottle of booze elsewhere because you are going to need a drink or four to clean up that colossal mess.

  • 2 months ago

    All I can say is DON’T DO THAT!!

    That cabinet wasn’t made to be wall hung and you are likely to end up with a big mess.  That cabinet was meant to sit on a base.  The only way to “hang” that is going to be to create a base attached to the wall that can hold the hundreds of pounds that the cabinet full of glass and booze will be.  

    If it were me, I’d find a table or lower cabinet of the right height and just set the thing on it and possibly secure it to the wall if you are in earthquake country.

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  • GF
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    2 months ago

    Depends what the back looks like and how solid it is. A picture of the front is useless.

    Maybe fasten a solid back to it if needed then like the other person answered long french cleats to the wall studs.

    It all depends if the hutch will fall apart or not 

    You might consider matching some legs to support the weight 

  • A
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    2 months ago

    Most china cabinets do not have a sturdy  backing like a kitchen cabinet does.  Nor are the corners attached well enough for it to support it hanging on the wall.   Chances are no matter how you fasten it, it will be falling down

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Two, possible three rows of French cleats.  They must be anchored to studs.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    maybe run a 2x4 or two HORIZONTALLY to attach to more wall studs, then hang the cabinet from the 2x4's ???

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