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Does someone who is self employed need to put employees detail on payroll and provide a tax code and payslips if they work 6 or less hrs?

per week. And is it okay if they are not recorded as an employee despite working at the place for a few    


 They pay is also way less than £12,000. If I am not recorded as an employee and I mention this    

to to   

 a new employer would it not look like I am lying as there is 0 record of me working there? I just have a reference. She has not provided us with a payroll number or any other number


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  • Maxi
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    6 months ago

    ALL employees and volunteers need declaring, ALL employees and volunteers need to be covered by employee insurance, Someone who is self employed has to give the business an invoice for the work they have done, this means THEY are paying their own NI and it is cross referenced with the business account of the 'employer' and their filed accounts...... you have asked this several times and got the same answer

  • 6 months ago

    Legally it ALL needs to be recorded. 

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