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Can someone die with a full force hockey stick  directly targeted at the head?

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  • bill
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    4 months ago

    Imagine how goalies felt when masks didn't exist yet.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    On 21 Sep. 1969, Ted Green, a defenseman with the Boston Bruins, was involved in a stick-swinging fight with Wayne Maki of the St. Louis Blues.  At that time, almost no players wore helmets.  Maki hit Green in the head with his stick.  This fractured his skull & sent chips of his skull into his brain.  Hours of emergency surgery were needed to save his life.   It took 3 brain operations & insertion of a metal plate into his skull to ensure his health.  

    Green missed the entire season, but was voted a full share of the prize $ when the Bruins on the Stanley Cup the next spring.  He returned for the 70-71 season, wearing a helmet.  He played until retiring in 1979.  The game had been televised  by station W.S.B.K. in Boston, but the station ordered that the tape be destroyed so that it wouldn't be re-produced because it was so gruesome.   

  • JuanB
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    4 months ago

    Yes.  1992:  McSorley on Brashear WITH helmet on.  Consider what is possible without helmet in that case

  • 4 months ago

    Yes, that would be possible.

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  • It's unlikely but possible.

  • pmt853
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    4 months ago

    Yes, yes that could indeed kill someone.

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