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Paternity test and child support?

I'm currently pregnant by an abusive, manipulative man. He hasn't been supportive at all during my pregnancy and honestly I wouldn't trust him to be around my baby. I don't want his name on the birth certificate. I'm choosing to give the baby my last name. But the thing is if I needed to take him to court for child support how would I go about getting him to get a paternity test. He's a very sneaky man so I know if its anything court related he would hide/run from it. I'm in California if that helps. 

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    If you go to court for child support, then he has the right to sue for shared custody and visits with the baby. So be prepared to have him in your life for a long time in case he decides to make your life miserable. Why didn't you use birth control when having sex with this difficult, manipulative man?

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    You don't have to worry about it, if you wind up in court for child support and he chooses to deny paternity then he will have to arrange for DNA testing. 

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    You HAVE to get a court-ordered test. The court will not accept any other kind.

    Make sure you know his full name, birthdate, workplace, SS # if possible.

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