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What is the most humane way to catch frogs?

I have a science project on frogs, how they are active if given different foods to eat. I need wild frogs for this, and I know it is legal to catch frogs in the UK. But how should I catch it best, both to cause minimum discomfort and so that, if someone sees this, they won't have any questions?

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    I recommend getting something like a camera bag and getting it slightly damp. If your really need to catch frogs, use gloves as secretions can give them severe burns. Touch it very gently to avoid crushing its organs. I recommend catching only adult frogs, as babies look so frail it might be impossible not to cause permanent damage

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    I always sneak up behind them and grab them.

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    Maybe not do the project altogether? Frogs are  living creatures- how would you feel if you were taken from your home by a giant and fed different stuff?

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    Cats are easiest to catch at night. You can catch them easily with you hands. Frogs often come out of the water and hop around on land at night. After you catch them, you can put them inside a plastic bag. A long handle fish net may allow you to catch frogs that are in the water.

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    At night, frogs will hold still when you shine a bright light at them, and stare at the light.  This doesn't harm them, but makes them easier to catch.  Even if you can't see the frogs, you can see the light reflecting in their eyes.

    Since you want them to stay healthy, use an angler's fishing net to collect them once they hold still.

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