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China gave the world COVID19 and never apologized. How should China be punished?

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    The situation in China is getting better, but the discrimination and attacks against us have not stopped.

    Does China really need to apologize to the world? Before answering this question, let me say one thing.

    After the outbreak, the Scientific Research Team of Chinese Academy of Sciences quickly collected genome data from 93 new coronavirus samples from 12 countries on four continents, analyzing and investigating exactly where the virus came from and how it spread.

    The analysis revealed that the samples associated with the Huanan Seafood & Wholesale Market in Wuhan were of one type, but there was another older type, that was introduced from somewhere else. And they found that the outbreak of the virus may have spread as early as late November, outside of the south China seafood market here in a super transmission event.

    Remarkably, for a closer look, the researchers divided 58 haplotypes into five groups. There are three sources of the virus in Guangdong, two in Chongqing and Taiwan, and more than two in Australia, France, Japan, and the United States. In addition, there are a number of infected people in Iran, who have never been abroad or even had contact with people from China. The "patient 1" in Italy has also proved that it has nothing to do with us. So where the virus originated is still a complex matter, and there is no clear answer.

    Why should China apologize to the rest of the world when the jury is still out? That's one.

    Second, the virus is a natural disaster, and China has done nothing wrong in the reporting, prevention and control of it and does not need to apologize to the world.

    Why do we have to apologize to the world for not letting the virus spread to the world at all costs and all that we can sacrifice? The outbreak of the virus is a natural disaster. There have been numerous outbreaks of infectious diseases in human history, including smallpox, measles, Black plague, Spanish flu, ebola, and H1N1. Which country of origin has apologized to the world? No. Besides, apologies don't make a difference, and doing your best to stop the spread of the disease is a real contribution to the world.

    No matter where the source of the epidemic is, China has made great sacrifices to keep the new pneumonia epidemic under maximum control in China and Hubei province without causing widespread transmission, which deserves the respect of governments and people all over the world.

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    The US gave the world the Spanish Flu and never apologized. How should the US be punished?

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    The Chinese government should take responsibility.But your country's government or leaders can't stop the virus from invading. Who do you think is the fault?

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    The CCP should not be allowed to survive deliberately infecting the world with a deadly pandemic. 

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    News in America didn't feature China's attempts to help with vaccines and medicines.

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    i dont think china had anything to do with that

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