Who will win the Champions League this year?

In general how will the competition go?

My prediction is:

For the rest of the round of 16:

1. City 0:2 Real(2:3) - I just think Real experiance will overcome City and Pep. Even tho I hope I am wrong.

2. Juventus 3:0 Lyon(3:1) - Juventus just has to much quality. Ronaldo will come to the rescue.

3. Barca 0:2 Napoli(1:3) - Barca is terrible lately. Looking at their previous last few years. They will screw it up.

4. Bayern 3:1 Chelsea(6:1) - Chelsea is not having a dream season and Bayern are playing the best football they have in years.


1. Leipzig 1:0 Atletico - this wil be a very exciting game. I just think Leipzig will do what Klopp and Liverpool didnt and find a way to break Atletico bunker. Leipzig is aslo good defensivly.

2. PSG 4:0 Atalanta - Atalanta are good but not that good.

3. Juventus 3:0 Real - Juventus is a super team. With Ronaldo they will overcome Real. Expecialy because Real has not been consistant or impresive this year.

4. Bayern 2:0 Napoli - Bayern will cruise thrue this game.


1. PSG 1:1(4:3) Leipzig - Both teams are pretty good. I think PSG will edge this out on penalties due to experiance.

2. Bayern 2:0(extratime) Juventus - Juventus is a tought nut to crack. Both teams are good defensivly. I think Bayern will manage to score in extra time. To much quality in Bayern this year.


Bayern 5:2 PSG - PSG defense will not manage to hold Lewandowski.

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    they all suck

  • Adam
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Anyone but Red Bull Leipzig. That is not a football club, its a glorified advert. My money is on Atletico

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