So I’m finally leaving my awful job soon after five years. There was someone I met who I grew feelings for. Is this a good idea?

Or is it best left alone.

I am in love with this girl. This one situation is looming over me. Some days after work I think about her; how yet again I know how she subtly has shown me how she felt. She would always approach the other hot guys. I think I was a consideration; but nothing more. 

I feel I could be set free from the constant not knowing and agonising torture of knowing if she ACTUALLY was intimately feeling for me too. Because I think that’s what she craves. She knows I can provide that. But I’m not fun for her. That’s what she’s really interested in.

I’m starting to finally move on from all of my past altogether by leaving this job I joined years ago. But I feel if I just told her how I felt over a text on my last day or something.. would i feel better or worse the months leading from that decision? I don’t think I would care for her reaction whether it be mocking/hostility at the very worst. Best case scenarios would be respectful and hopefully not telling anyone or to many people. Absolute best case is obviously her own confession. But a little cowardly to do it this way would you think? I just don’t want the extra weight going to work everyday having to deal with the fact I told her this with every other reason I want to leave work so any advice would be appreciated. I feel much lighter at the thought of these two actions that I feel hounding at me every night need to be taken.

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