Logitech Z313 speakers suddenly not working, why?

A few days ago my computer broke (it wouldn't turn on, turned out to be the power button broke, so the people at the shop put it into a new case). I picked up my computer this morning and set everything back up and now my speakers won't work. I had been using my laptop while my computer was in the shop with the speakers and it worked fine this morning, just before this. 

I've already tried everything else suggested by the internet and friends (turning it on and off, checking the volume, chords, power, updating/reinstalling drivers, checking sound settings/making sure the correct device is being used, etc).

My computer (and laptop) both play sound through other devices (like my headset and for the laptop, the built in speakers) normally. Both are registering the speakers as existing/using them when plugged in, despite no sound coming out. If I plug my headset into the little control part of the speakers (where the volume and power button is) I can get sound through my headset. If I unplug the two small speakers (the only part that can separate from the sub) from the sub (the big black box) and into different audio jacks I get no sound. So I figure there must be something wrong with them but I'm unsure as to why they'd suddenly stop working when they've been working perfectly up until swapping to this new case?


I should also note that I barely moved the speakers at all during this. I only had to lift the big black box part of the speakers up to set on top of my PC case, so I don't believe it could be damaged cords or anything of the sort.

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    2 months ago
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    3 possibilities:

    1) the sound is muted or turned down for those speakers/soundcard. 

    click the sound icon in the bottom right by the time and look to see if it is muted. click it to unmute.

    2) the speakers are plugged in to the wrong ports on the back of the computer.

    usually they are color coded, with light green being the main output to speakers. check all your plugs in the green port (while playing music) and watch the screen to be sure there are no popups (some soundcards will prompt when they notice a new thing plugged in).

    3) damaged sound chip.

    if the sound was working BEFORE you took it in to the shop, and you're sure you have it hooked up right, you should return it there ASAP to get them to repair their mistake. maybe they just forgot to connect something, but either way, it's on them.

  • 2 months ago

    go to Control Panel  .Sound..Make sure speakers are enabled 

  • Ron75
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    2 months ago

     Check to make sure that your speaker options are still set correctly. I had that happen once and it turned out that doing some updating my speakers had been changed in the option to some other set up. Once I corrected that they have worked ever since. I doubt if your speakers are bad. If the options are all correct then your sound card may have gotten unplugged or be loose.


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