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What is the chance of surviving a fall off an 8 foot high bridge?

Say that there is an 8 foot high bridge over water that is 25 feet deep. Suppose someone is leaning over the railing, and they lost their balance.

What is the chance they would survive the fall. Would falling off be less likely to be deadly than jumping off?

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    4 months ago

    It is pretty good surviving. There was a incident a few years ago. I want to say in Washington State. Where a girl pushed her friend in a situation like you mentioned. And she fell, she survived. her "friend" was of course arrested and charged with attempt. It did go to court. They supposedly are still friends.

    But the point is this. If someone falls it is 1 thing. If you just bump them or do not help them. Well that is another issue.

    And falling that height into water is not a issue if you understand and know how to dive/fall.

    Also consider that maybe some boulders or rocks or just the depth of water. I knew someone who broke their neck diving into a lake not knowing how deep it was. He did survive and he was not a cripple. Just totally messed up.

  • 4 months ago

    50:50.  Just depends on how you enter the water .....or not.  Flat on your tummy and it will be like falling on concrete.


  • 4 months ago

    Several factors here that you have failed to answer here:

    1- Which position did they land on when they fell into the water?

    2- What were the water temperatures?

    3- Was he or she a good or poor swimmer?

    4- Water current?

    An 8 foot drop from the bridge to the water in and of itself isn't fatal per say, but, if a person snaps their neck on impact or once in the water doesn't know how to swim than yes its most likely a fatal outcome.

    I have seen tons of people jump off a 15 foot high bridge into the lake up at my Dads with the water depth of 10 feet, there has not been one injury much less a fatality.

    You need to add more context to your question if you want better insight.

  • Bill
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    4 months ago

    Falling 8 feet into deep water is unlikely to harm anyone. If the water is very cold or they can’t swim, that’s a problem but the fall itself isn’t. 

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  • 4 months ago

    Either way they should survive the drop. They might injury themselves. but that is not likely from 8 foot. As long as they don't strike something in the water and know how to swim they should be ok. 

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