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If a kid is in a dangerous home, can you (with the kid's proof) ask to adopt them in court?

Met a kid online. She's about to enter the 8th grade. She has had many traumatic things in her life with picture proof, court documentation, ect. She expresses to me that she doesn't feel safe in her own home to sleep. The more we talk, the more and more she reveals. She explains how she has to sell her body for money just to eat, sadly, with proof.

 I am 19 about to move out to find a house to own for me and a friend who have both had pedophilia experiences and have our heart out. Amazon list made to get her clothes, school supplies, ect. We find out her parents are divorced. The most recent thing we heard was her father telling her that he hopes she dies of covid.

 Is there anything we can legally do? Can I adopt her?

P.S  I am adopted myself and had researched adoption for years so I understand the process and progress of adoption.


Edit: those calling me a pedophilia, I wouldn't. I was 12 when a 22 year old had groomed me. I would never have thought of anything that sick. I am a better person than that whether you believe it or not. I know there are sick freaks out there, but I'm not one of those nasty *** people. It's great that you care, but come on guys.

 Also, cps has seemed to be an option. She's scared to call and I don't want to force any address giving out of her since I feel that's wrong. 

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    It's unlikely that you'd be able to adopt her. What you can do is to call CPS in her state and report what you know. They have the resources to investigate and to move her out of her home.

    I hope you're also aware that not everyone you meet on the Internet is really who and what they claim to be. It's wonderful that you're so generous you want to pay for this child's school supplies, but be extra careful that you're not getting ripped off.

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    Contact cps in her area, and let them handle it. You aren't equipped to handle a troubled child. 

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    Most states, for abuse and neglect, have removal by CPS into foster care, then possibly adoption. But you have studied the adoption laws of all 50 US states, the US territories, international adoptions through the Hague Adoption Convention, and you know the laws of all of the countries who are not parties to the Hague Adoption Convention, so you "understand the process" of adoption. That's great. But first ya gotta know where you live and where she lives. Might be Trollsville.

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    You come off as a pedo grooming your next victim.

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    WTF are you doing talking to a 12 yr old online? Hopefully, it's actually an FBI agent and they're building a case against you as a predatory pedophïle.

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    You have no idea if what this kid is telling you is true, she might be just one of many spoiled teens who lie,  send her to the Dr Phil show

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