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I rescued two very scared rats?

Hello, I rescued two lovely rat boys. They came from a nice home but she sadly had to give them up. They’re only about 5 months old.

They’re terrified of me if I so much as move my head they scatter, or stay as still as possible. They won’t accept treats from me but they are eating and drinking at night. I’m keeping them in my bedroom so they get used to being around me. I’ve re arranged their cage and bought them some new toys as a peace offering lol. 

I have a 4ft pop up play pen coming tomorrow to let them run around and I can sit in there with them? But I’m unsure how to get them in there as I don’t want to pick them up and scare them. This is them before they came to me

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  • Zapata
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    1 month ago

    Wear a MOTOMCO t-shirt. They will quickly respect you.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Try offering them treats on a spoon first, as this will allow them to take the treat without coming directly to your hand. Gradually begin holding the spoon closer and closer to the end, so the rats are forced to come nearer to your hand to take the treats. Also, just give it time. Rats are bright, and they'll realize you mean no harm before long! :)

  • 2 months ago

    Have patience, these guys have to do the work of getting past their fears.

    You, in turn, must avoid any actions that might stimulate fear.

    Here is a video with a scared hamster and shows how best to earn trust.

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    Rats are smart buggers and come around in time.

    The technique in the video has always worked for me.

    Has worked with various rodents including some wild.

    Much the same even for some wild resident fence lizards feeding them by hand.

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    give it a try and have patience.

  • You just have to give them some time.  Offer treats.  They love sunflower seeds as a treat. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Okay, like any animal, the rats are scared, stressed, and anxious from having a new habitats and owner. You can start with introducing your scent by rubbing a piece of toilet paper on your skin and placing it in their cage. When they are awake, you can put your hand in their cage and change the water or food. They may sniff your hand. Don’t jerk your hand away. Mostly, leave them alone for 2 or three days except for introducing your scent so they know you aren’t a threat. Also keep in mind that since they are sharing a cage and are both males, one might get more aggressive and hurt the other. Just watch them. In a couple days , staff putting tests in your hand and allowing them to crawl into your hand. You can take them out to play once they are comfortable with that.

  • Kieth
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    2 months ago

    Blow smoke from marijuana at them, and feed them the seeds, if any. My rats became just like puppies after I did this.

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