Asseto Corsa Competizione?

I always follow the ideal line to a tee  and even when I am perfect there are still players who are 2 seconds faster than me on lap time or even more. Is it not really such an ideal line?? It doesn't make sense.

1 Answer

  • ideal optiminal racing line or not, you still have to push the car to the limits to be alien like fast like i know some people are, and if like me you are not using a steering wheel, in my case because windows 10 updates, has caused my wheel to stop working, it's extremely difficult to have the same deegree of control and therefore be able to push the envelope, on top of this the car setup will be different to be optiminal at different tracks, and dont forget your  tcs abs systems and how these affect accelaration and last point if you watch the AI you will see that at various points during a lap at most tracks they deviate from that supposed ideal racing for thought i think at least..

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