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Is it expensive to be in a golf tournament? Is it elitist? ?

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  • 3 months ago

    PGA Tour around 3K (unless you are invited such as the Masters)....  Club Tournament around $150..... USGA Tournament for amateurs (NCAA Level)....  around $300.... 

    just download a form for USGA tournament (such as US Amateur open) and there is an entry fee written on the form....

  • Depends on the tournament.  Amateur tournaments charge entry fees that can vary wildly; I've paid anywhere from $50-$550 (all figures US dollars) to play in a tournament (doesn't cover transportation or lodging costs).  Depends on the length of the event, how good the courses are, number of people entering, and what (if) the prizes are (can't pay cash at amateur events).

    Is it elitist?  Depends on how you define that word.  The vast majority of golf courses are open to the public, you pay a fee (called a green fee) that allows you to play the course.  Courses may have dress codes (collared shirt, no metal spikes, only sneakers or soft-spike/spikeless golf shoes); right now courses require you to wear a mask at check-in due to COVID-19 and maintain social distancing (6 feet or 2 meters apart).

  • Kieth
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    3 months ago

    Not just anyone can get into a pro golf tournament, those are expensive. Community level golf courses aren't as expensive to enter.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    It's a rich persons game.

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