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How do you deal with people unfriending/unfollowing/blocking you on social media?

I have been reputation/popularity-obsessed since 2011 (long story) and I easily get upset/offended when this happens. Especially when as far as I know I did nothing for the other person to do this. To me it comes off as people not wanting you to be part of their life, might as well pick up a knife and stab it through your chest.

How do you deal with this?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    People don't do those things for no reason. I have had to put people 'on snooze' for 30 days on FB because I was just being bombarded with crap I didn't want to see.

  • If someone deletes me, that's one less random I may or many not have to worry about anymore. Not something I'm gonna lose sleep over.

  • For you, therapy. 

    What's missing in your life that you feel the need to be accepted everywhere? Address yourself.

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