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Is it possible to create a local email server in conjunction with a VoIP system?

Is it possible to run a mail server, and also set up a VoIP system on the same server/machine?

In my exact situation, I want to transition my fellows off of Gmail services and run everything locally. Also need to setup a VoIP system, and so I was curious if both can occur on the same server or they each need a dedicated machine. 

Are there any recommended resources/advice?

Also any recommendations for a server(s) for a job of this caliber?

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    I don't have a lot of expertise in this area, but yes you should be able to run both a VoIP call server and email server on the same physical computer.  You should be looking for a hardware system with a powerful (greater than 8 cores) CPU and lots of memory.  Then you want to run a virtualization operating environment like VMware.  The mail server and call server will each run on their own VM.

    However......most services like these are moving to a cloud based model.  Companies like Avaya offer cloud based call servers.  Amazon has cloud based email services that run on AWS.  

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