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How can men protect themselves from false rape accusations?

Don't get me wrong, men or anyone who commits rape should be punished severely(castration, capital punishment etc)

But some women, they LIE and make false accusation out of anger or out of alternate motivation(political, financial etc) AFTER they CONSENT, which I think is a problem.


I'm not trying to say that all women who are sexually assaulted or raped make false accusations. There are women who make false accusation after they consent for one reason or another, which is also a problem.

Update 2:

"stay away from those nasty ho'z ..."

RE: yeah, I stay away from promiscuous women and men in general. I actually hangout with the nerds or the classy. I'm not a snob though.

Update 3:

How come feminists don't ever condemn women who LIE after they give consent? Whenever false rape accusation is on the news, when evidence suggests false accusation, feminists tries to fit the story on news to their own narrative, even with clear evidence of false accusations.

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    "How can men protect themselves from false rape accusations?"

    Since the state clearly has no interest in holding false rape accusers to proper justice as seen on that video link, we need to institute our own, non-official national "false rape accusers registry" so that these serial false rape accusers don't get away with even if they move to a different jurisdiction. Now I know that most decent people should agree with this, because this will only hold the individuals that do this responsible. And remember, the ramifications just for being ACCUSED of rape can ruin a persons life. At the minimum, it usually destroys their reputation irreversibly, EVEN after being exonerated of the charge.

    Those 4 false rape accusers should be the first on the list so that any person that may have future dealings with them will at least have been warned about their propensity to claim false rape when they don't get their way, even for frivolous things like being told not to smoke in a cab.  Good grief!

    At the same time, if the numbers of false rape accusations go down, then the actual victims of rape will be more likely believed and it will be less necessary to go through such a vigorous screening leading up to and into a trial.

    Win - Win !


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    Just don't get involved with females, at least in America.

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    stay away from those nasty ho'z ...

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