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What are some really good Germ-Free ways of having to blow out Birthday Candles on a Birthday Cake?

I would want to have a Germ-Free way of blowing out a Birthday candle on a Birthday cake, even when this coronavirus scare is over, especially if I happen to get sick with something like a cold or flu (even with my annual flu vaccine) on my Birthday. If my cold or flu isn't too severe I mean (like with no fever or vomiting or if I happen to get a cold or flu that was once severe but is now like close to the tail end), like if I'm not having a fever, or if I'm not vomiting or anything like that.    I seriously don't understand why we've all been blowing out Birthday candles and having to eat someone else's spit on Birthday cakes for centuries (including in the Medieval Times, or Ancient Rome, or Ancient Greece era), when people say not to double dip a potato chip or anything like that when sharing food with other people.  I would want to have a Germ-Free way of blowing out Birthday candles every year especially if I happen to get sick with a mild cold or a mild flu (even with flu vaccine) on my Birthday (what I mean by mild cold or mild flu is I mean with no fever or no vomiting or anything like that).  

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    Yeah, that was always pretty icky. Some people get around it by having cupcakes. The birthday person can blow on their own cupcake. Or there may be a cake with several candles, and then separate cupcakes to hand out to guests. Family members eat the cake, as they are presumably already exposed to any germs the birthday person has. 

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    if I happen to get sick with something like a cold or flu (even with my annual flu vaccine) on my Birthday

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    You don’t have to blow out candles.  You do not even have to use candles.  

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    Just get an extra piece of cake, most stores sell mini cakes or slices and put the candles on that. 

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    use a gun. and if that doesn't work use more gun

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    wave it with your hand

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    leaf blower

    Get a cupcake for the birthday person and let them blow out that candle the other cake can be served to guests.

    Use a sparkler, they will go out by themselves. (although they are dangerous, very hot and you will be left with residue on your cake, according to Google it is not toxic)

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    Put a candle in a separate cupcake so you're only blowing on yours, rather than the sharing cake

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    Bicycle pump


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    hair dryer!  or maybe one of those hand fans!  I can't tell you how many yummy looking cakes I've passed on because some juicy mouthed 5 yr old spit all over the cake trying to blow out candles!  And the mother is always standing there going,,"why won't anyone eat the cake...have a piece--it's delicious!" thank you....

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