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How do people exercise their dogs when they don't let them of leash ?

My dog is hyper so she needs to be exercised for at least two hours a day and it's throwing a ball around a field off leash otherwise she doesn't tire out how can people keep their dogs exercised without letting them off leash I understand its different if u have a garden or a yard 

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    HIGH energy dogs are often extremely intelligent breeds & they need BOTH.... physical & mental "exercise".  When people NEGLECT the mental aspect, they often have to provide MORE physical activity, than they would if feeding both needs.

    A 5 mile power walk or race walking (with dog wearing a WEIGHTED back pack) is another way to do more in the same amount of time.  However, you can do some exercise either off lead or on-lead, like trotting beside a person on a bike, being JOGGED, tracking (done on lead) and which provides MENTAL STIMULATION. 

    Off-lead can be done with: swimming, retrieving (when more difficult - promotes mental stimulation) agility (again, PROMOTES MENTAL stimulation) herding, lure coursing, nose work (ALL promote mental stimulation) and advanced obedience - including jumps & scent work.  

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    When I didn't have a fenced yard I didn't have high energy dogs.  It's that simple.

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    Run with them.  Bike with them.  Skateboard with them.  Some dogs need a good 3 mile run/walk a couple of times a day.  You can get a backpack for the dog & have them carry a little extra weight, their water & a few rocks if you don't have anything else to carry with you.  When there is a will, there is away.

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    Lead walking physically exercises a dog, it also socialises them to new sounds, sights and smells, however it also mentally exercises them and that is just as important if not more amount of simply throwing a ball will mentally exercise any dog, what it does do is make them obsessive and that is not good for any dog..... and espeically for dogs like BC which are or can't quickly become obessive anyway

    EVERY dog needs lead walking and out into the world around them to ensure they are mentally exercised and balanced. Now if you want to make lead walking easier for you, then sure reduce their excess energy with ball throwing but just as useful is basic command training, both depletes their OTT energy

    If your method of exercising is ball throwing, then at least use that to teach the dog to listen to your commands, so you break up the potential for obsession.... I use it to teach my dogs commands near and at distance, so 'sit wait' throw the ball, 'go' once the dog is half way there ( or back) I command 'down' and mix it up a little with 'stand', 'sit'...or 'come' and then 'stop'...or 'leave it' ( meaning the ball) and 'come' that mentally stimulates them.

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    My neighbour has a husky. He runs with the dog on a long leash, up and down hills at least, 5km at least twice a day.

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    I have a backyard that he has his daily "zoomies" in. That, and a 45 minute walk in the morning and a 15-30 minute walk in the afternoon (depends on weather). The morning walk is a good power walk/run and the afternoon one is his sniffy walk. We also play fetch in the backyard. 

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