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A company is threatening to sue me after a chargeback for duplicate online purchases?

I tried to place an order which was about $200. Later that evening, I got 6 separate order confirmations for the same thing.  i immediately contacted them and they basicalky said I must have clicked the order button multiple times (I don't think i did) and tough luck all sales are final and no returns.  I requested they only send the 1 I intended to order.  They sent all 6.  After getting nowhere, I contacted my credit card and explained it to them.  They refunded my money for duplicate transactions.  The company contacted me via email demanding I reverse the chargeback and saying they were filing a police report.  Then they demanded I return the merchandise at my own expense. 

I have offered to ship back the duplicates if they provide the shipping labels.  I don't really feel bad for them since I think it was a flaw on their website and with their credit card processor. 

If they sue, what are their chances of being successful? 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    They wouldn't win.  The credit card processor will blame the business for that even being possible.  Most banks will detect that automatically and stop it. But you do have to send it back if they cover shipping.  

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    The company I work for has online payments.  Our credit card processor is required to have a system in place that prevents duplicates like this.  Double clicking the order button is a duplicate. Our system would not even allow those transactions to go through.  Both you and they are bound by the terms of service of the credit card, they can't require you to waive any of your right provided in your credit card agreement period.  That is specified in their contract with visa, mc, etc.

    I agree that this is their problem, not yours.  They need to pay return shipping. 

    They are unlikely to pay a lawyer to pursue a thousand dollars anyway.  if they do, you should easily win.

  • 1 month ago

    They are required to pay for return shipping. It was their mistake and your credit card company agreed. You find out their mailing address and you send both an email, and a written letter to their company address, telling them that you stand ready to return the items you received due to their error, as soon as they provide you with the return postage. State that the error was with their system, which generated multiple orders for a single item. Inform that they have 30 days in which to provide you with the means to return the items, and that if they do not, you will consider the items legally abandoned and yours to keep. Inform that that you will vigorously defend yourself in court.

    Keep all contact between you. You may need those first emails you sent them, telling them about the mistake, and their reply that it's tough luck. This will work heavily against them if they take you to court. Mail the written letter by certified mail with proof of delivery.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Presuming the No Returns All Sales Are Final policy is clearly stated on the website, they will win.

    It's not their fault you bought and paid for the thing six times.  Even you admit clicking the button multiple times.

    Your credit card company was in error for determining these were duplicate charges.  A duplicate charge is when you buy and receive one thing but pay for it multiple times.  That's not what happened here.

    The company did exactly what they were supposed to do - ship you the six things you bought and paid for.

    Even though all sales are final, as a courtesy to you, they offered to bend their return policy so that you could get $1000 of your $1200 back.   It's only fair that you pay for the return shipping since the error was yours.   

    Instead of returning the merchandise, you've kept it.   You now have $1000 worth of merchandise you didn't pay for and won't return.  

    You are totally in the wrong here and if I were judge, there would be a $1000 judgment against you for the merchandise you kept but didn't pay for.

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