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How can I become a translator at 45?

I speak English, German, Spanish and Russian.

At this age, how can I become a translator, can I at all?

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    Translator is ambiguous, what type of translator do you want to be? Translate books? Websites? Tv shows? Translate for people who speak different languages?

    I suggest you either take some university courses or something like the DLPT (or similar) to gain credentials. I don’t know how easy/hard it is to get a job as a translator, but if it is difficult you may want to consider volunteering as a translator to begin with. Also, if you have any area of expertise in some field, for example medicine or cars, you may want to consider looking for translator jobs related to those fields.

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    Do you mean written translation - documents, books?

    Or do you mean interpreting? Interpreting is done live, either "consecutively" - a person speaks a few sentences and pauses, and the interpreter speaks the sentences in the other language  - or "simultaneously" (also known as conference interpreting), which is much harder as the speaker just keeps going, and you, the interpreter, sitting with headphones on in a glass booth behind them, say what they're saying but in the other language. This is HARD and exhausting; typically (eg at the UN) you're on for only 20 minutes at a time.

    Written translation can be done by anyone at any age, and obviously can be done in an office or at home.Interpreting means going to where the meeting is and calls for a huge amount of both mental and physical stamina.

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    Get a job as a translator???? Jeez

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