why does people accuse me of being racist when I say its ghetto where I live?

I tell people around where I live it is ghetto, they accuse me of being racist thinking of me being prejudice against black people. They also think I am somehow being a elitist,

I mean where I live it is like this,

white women names are Alicia Felisha Shaniqua

there are a whole lot of young couples, but it is strictly white woman, black man and mixed baby or white woman, Mexican man and mixed baby,

Once in a blue moon, you would see a white woman with a white man, she would call him 'bae'.

Your typical white women and black women around here both has a manly rough look to them and if you antagonize them in any way they would get physically violent with you. Think of your stereotypical prison women for example. 

White guys can be seen, but they usually only wear shorts, showing their six pack muscles, dark hair brushed across arms, and only wearing a baseball cap pointed backwards or to an angle.  Their baseball cap usually has NYC or something like that wrote on it. Their garage is a car shop, and they have automobile parts and broken automobiles all over in their front and backyard. They usually wear a gold or silver chain necklace, bud earrings, they talk in a redneck tone of voice. They have an intimidating look to them. 

seldom you would see a bunch of shoes thrown across the power lines.

pit bulls are everywhere and some are even loose in the streets without an owner.

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  • 5 months ago

    Two reasons: 

    1. Perhaps if it is possible, you may want to look at moving to a different area. The idea here is, if a person feels uncomfortable or they have a poor view of their neighborhood, then the alternative is to take the steps necessary to move. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevents you from relocating, you have an obligation if you want to live in a better community to move elsewhere. 

    2. Pretty much everything you said in your question is overtly negative. Historically speaking, minorities (mostly African-Americans) have been associated with words that are negative or pejorative in nature. When a white person uses such terms as "ghetto" or other references, then of course you invite criticism. Some white people use terms that are negative in relation to minorities and do not realize that there is an underlying element of bias at work. One might think that they are stating obvious realities, but the issue is that it undermines the essence of humanity, and seeking to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.

    It is similar to seeing a person injured on the side of the road. A passer by says to their companion, "That person is injured." However, both individuals continue to walk onward without offering assistance or calling for help. The point is, you are making a reference to what is actually happening without offering a clear solution. All it does is reinforce stereotypes when persons only speak down to or about a different racial group. Either focus on ways to improve where you are, or at the very least work to leave the environment. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Probably because of the Klan outfit you're wearing 

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