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What does "hedging and minimizing" mean in this quote?

Here is a paragraph from a book where I am not sure what is meant by "hedging and minimizing". So can anyone please rephrase that part for me?

"How we take instructions has titanic implications. People who resist following an earthly authority’s instructions, hedging and minimizing behind the superior’s back, aren’t apt to follow God’s commands either, despite an insistence to the contrary. Those who don’t like to be told what to do aren’t any crazier about the prospect when God is the boss."

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    hedging means to avoid by doing something else instead in the hope that it will satisfy (make excuses for why you do not have to do exactly what is required).  minimizing means to make the thing less important, the least important it could be actually.  Basically, hedge and minimize means do things that you pretend to yourself are good enough for the purpose (even though they are not) and disregarding other things because you claim they do not matter.

    Hedging basically refers to doing things that make it seem like you are complying, but you are not.

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    Hedging means trying to lessen something. I think here "hedging and minimizing" means that someone is trying to avoid doing a task or doing it thoroughly. "Behind the superior's back" means without the person who gave them a task knowing. So basically it means that someone is trying to secretly not follow instructions and do what they were told without the task-giver knowing. They want to do the minimum amount of work.

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