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How to change my Answers Name?

How do I change my Yahoo Answers Name? Like my current Name is Frost but I want to change it

When I try to go to Edit in the Profile Page it takes me to Edit my Name and Last Name and Nickname. I tried changing them all but my Yahoo Answers Name is STILL Frost


Update: It has been 3 days now, and still the same (To those who say give it some time)

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    4 weeks ago

    That option isn't available at this time. The usual way you would do it is to go into your YA activity/profile, click Edit, then click edit again (beside the tiny image of your avatar and current YA username). You should then get the option to change your YA nickname or use your Yahoo account name. However, currently that 2nd 'edit' takes you to your Yahoo profile information (where you would typically change your avatar image, not your YA username).

  • Sharon
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    4 weeks ago

    Edit your account name and nickname in Yahoo:

  • 4 weeks ago

    You are trying to change your user name in the wrong profile is why it doesn't work for the last 5 years. In desktop VIEW, tap your user name near the upper RIGHT corner, then "Account Info" in your Yahoo profile. Edit your nickname. 

    Your Nick name may not change immediately, but when I took the "nola" part of my previous user name off about 2 months ago, it did change when I refreshed the page. 

    Why don't you try doing it my way and see if it works? Ignore the people who insist on posting the same totally outdated answers for 7 years and counting. 

  • The name and picture change has not been working for a few weeks now.    But no one knows when it will start working again.  When it does you should see the change but no one else will for around 2 days.   It will show Frost to others but the new name will show for you only.  I think it to give Verizon Media time to review the change and check for a violation.  

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  • Daniel
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    4 weeks ago

    It does not Apply right away it takes time give it 24-48 hours for the New Name to take Effect 

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