ava asked in Social SciencePsychology · 4 weeks ago

why am i so weird?

i love being affectionate to other people. i love making other people happy and feel loved. since i am that way, you would think that i’m like that to people face to face but i’m not. i’m so awkward all the time even with my closest friends. i hate people touching me and i hate touching people, though i yearn for physical contact. when i was with my first boyfriend, i thought i would be into the whole pda thing. i couldn’t even hold his hand without him forcing me to. i just am so uncomfortable with people touching me and i’m so confused why i feel that way and why i have to force myself with everything in me to touch another person when i’m perfectly fine with showering people with love through technology. i used to think that the reason i don’t like touching people was because i care about them too much and i’m scared of “breaking them” bc that’s how i am with animals but i don’t think so bc that just sounds wrong. why am i like this? i know for a fact this isn’t normal. does someone have any ideas on why this is happening?

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