i need help with this science question ?

a garden center has two types of plants for sale 

(shows an image of a normal leaf and then a variegated which has green and white) 

chlorophyll makes a plant leaf green 

(a) At the end of the summer, the normal plants had grown more than those with variegated leaves. All the plants had been grown in the same conditions.

Explain why plants with normal leaves grow more than plants with variegated leaves.

(2 marks)

(b) Describe an investigation you could do to show how much more a normal plant grows compared with a variegated plant over a six-week period.

In your answer, you must clearly identify:

• the independent variable (IV)

• the dependent variable (DV)

• the variables to control (CV)

• how you will calculate the end result. 

4 marks 

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  • 2 months ago
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    (a) While I don't know for sure, I would guess it would have to do with more of the surface area of the leaf containing more chlorophyll, which means that the plant takes in more light and therefore gets more energy to grow.

    (b) Take two groups of plants, one normal and one variegated. (IV) Let them grow over a six-week period, and make sure that they all get the same amount of water and light, that they are grown in the same environment (humidity and temperature-wise) and that they have the same amount of room to grow. (CV) After the six-week period, measure the growth of the plant either by height or by mass (DV) and then run a t-test or ANOVA test to analyze the difference between the two groups.

    One of the biggest choices here is how to measure the growth: if you measure by height, you might neglect the fact that the plants may just grow in different ways, but if you measure by mass you may be introducing variation due to the amount of water they take in. Personally I would probably go with height if the plants were pretty similar other than the leaves.

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