Anybody know what show this is?

Somebody at my school told us about this show where some people do research on somebody for a few months and then kidnap them and bring them to a haunted house based around their biggest fears (of course with their permission). Anybody know what this show is called?

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  • Entity
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    I believe you are talking about: 

    "ESTATE OF PANIC" Hosted by Steve Valentine-2008

    They start out with a group of contestants, and they have to go into really bizarre rooms and find as much money as they could, opening things up  and finding all kinds of bugs, roaches, scorpions, that you have to rummage through to find money, cylinders built into the walls and all kinds of crap comes out of them, and they have to  make it out of the room before the door locks.  The winner is then put into a vault, chained up and has to open safety deposit boxes, before the 9th steel ball drops down and locks the vault.

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