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Are these 2 sentences correct ? Is it weird?

A friend stated “This Hess station sometimes is very convenient for me”.

And she said about a different station “This Exxon is rarely convenient for me”. 

I don’t know about you, but it sounded weird to me, both sentences. How can the Hess station SOMETIMES be convenient? And how can the Exxon rarely be convenient? It’s either convenient or it’s not, right ?

 Is that correct how she said it ?

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    I agree it does sound odd. maybe because we usually treat 'convenient' as an absolute. (Something is either convenient or it isn't.) But I suppose if you have to be in various locations, sometimes one station will be more convenient than another. So what she says is right, although maybe most people would say something like: This Hess station is usually the most convenient for me.

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    I would say "this Hess station is sometimes very convenient for me", but apart from that it's fine.  

    Something is generally convenient when it's close. So if I'm at home the Exxon might not be convenient, but if I'm driving down X Street, where the Exxon is, it's very convenient.  That said, I rarely drive down X Street.

    Hope this makes sense.

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