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May I please get some help with physics?

1. In a hydraulic lift where the input piston from the air compressor has an area of 0.5 in2 and where the output piston for the lifting platform has an area of 30 in2, answer the following questions:

A: What is the mechanical advantage of this hydraulic lift?

9. With the intention of taking less time to water his lawn, a man partially covers the end of his water hose with his thumb so that the water comes out of the hose with a faster speed. By doing this, is the man watering his lawn at a faster rate (i.e. is he giving his lawn more water per second than he would if he did not partially cover the opening of the hose)? Answer 1 for yes and 0 for no.

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    A) By P = F(load)/A(load) = F(effort)/A(effort)

    =>F(load)/F(effort) = A(load)/A(effort)

    By MA = Load/effort = A(load)/A(effort) 

    =>MA = 30/0.5 = 60

    B) No,

    As BY the law of continuity: =>Q = Av = constant

    =>A1v1 = A2v2

    =>if A is reduced, v will increase, however Q (discharge) will remain constant.

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