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Senior year AP physics or Chemistry?

Long story short, I wasn't able to take chemistry my junior year - mainly because I never thought it to be that important. However, now that I've taken interest in engineering, I want to get into the best school that I can by meeting proper requirements.

I really like physics, and I feel like it'll benefit me more if I'm going into engineering. Whereas with Chemistry, I hear that colleges prefer it more?

FYI - Normal chemistry, not AP. While, I'm good at both, I don't feel that confident going into AP chemistry. 

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    Colleges want to see 3 years of science classes and 3 years of math classes. They are not going to prefer physics over chemistry or chemistry over physics. For an engineering Amir take the AP physics class.  You can take chemistry freshman year of college 

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    I highly recommend you to take AP Physics. 

  • MS
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    Ultimately, I think physics will help you more in admissions and in preparing you for an engineering program.  That being said, it's pretty rare for entering college students to not have had chemistry in high school.  While a college/university might not think much of that, it could hurt you if you have to apply to the engineering major itself, which is common with those programs.  I do agree with Sam that it would be best to try taking both if possible.  

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    Take Physics.  In the whole scheme of things, what is more important is your unweighted GPA.  If you feel that you get a better grade in physics, take it.  It is also true that physics is essential for engineering.  Both are fine, so if AP Physics doesn't fit into your schedule, it won't be the end of the world.

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    If you want to go into engineering, physics will be more essential than chemistry. 

    Is there no way you can take both, though? Can you drop an elective? Take summer school?

    Because not taking chemistry in high school will hurt you, not only in admissions, but in your first year of the engineering program, when you'll be the *only person in your class* that never took high school chemistry. 

    While it's more important, in engineering, not to be the only person in your class that never took physics, most bachelor's engineering degrees require introductory chemistry at least. And if you're not confident enough to take AP chemistry in high school, I can assure you that introductory chemistry in college will be, if anything, a lot more difficult. 

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    You can take general chemistry in college. 


    Take the physics course. If you are serious about taking chemistry, you might apply for admission I

    to college in the summer term and can take both semesters of general chemistry if the college has two 8 week summer terms.

    What about taking AP calculus. either AB or BC? Both physics and engineering are applied math. Engineering math 1 and 2 are really calculus 4 and 5. If you don't have the calculus background and knowledge you might be overwhelmed when you go to college. 

    If your high school has a college guidance counselor, you really should try to make an appointment NOW to talk to them as soon as possible BEFORE the fall term begins. 

    I didn't take either general chemistry or physics in high school. I had to take calculus to graduate from high school. That was the normal senior math course.  

  • Anonymous
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    Which AP Physics? 1, 2, or Calculus? You fail to provide a reason why you decided to skip basic chemistry.

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